Barkhouser Ford (Lychburg, Va)

Barkhouser Ford is a local dealer that had unfortunately fallen behind the times, and they knew it.

Our strategic partners met with the dealership back in 2015 and discussed digital strategy. They first needed to have a new website built that was mobile responsive, as they did not have a mobile website.  They worked with to have this created.  They then came to us wanting to help drive traffic to their newly re-launched website utilizing Display, SEM and Email Marketing.  We were doing a great job driving traffic to their site, however during our campaign, an Automotive Boutique agency came into the picture and tried to take the digital business.


They offered full service social media management, reputation management, and SEO.   After multiple meetings and drawn out discussions, we presented back a competitive 2016 strategy for them tocompare.  Since we were able to come to the table with our new Social Media Management offering as well as competitive pricing and flexibility. Barkerhouser Ford is now thriving using Potenza digital products and services.

Digital Product Mix

SEO Consultation
Reputation management
Directory Listings