Video That Moves You

We may not like to admit it, but sitting on a couch and vegging out is one of the most satisfying experiences on earth. Video engages our senses on multiple levels and can communicate with tenfold the impact in a fraction of the time. Whether your goal is to educate, entice, or entertain, Potenza’s full-service in-house production team can help you reach your audience with supreme effectiveness.


From conceptualizing to storyboarding, to casting, our goal is to help you create the most dynamic video content for your brand.


If your brand’s website or brochure reeks of a group of a multicultural mix of happy, smiling business people shaking hands in a futuristic office building, you’ve been hit with stock photo syndrome. Nothing screams cheap more than overusing stock photography on your brand’s assets. Just say no to stock photography and yes to Potenza’s commercial photography services. Specialty areas include lifestyle, food, and event photography.


Video is the best way for a brand to say a thousands things in :90 seconds or less. Combine all the latest tools and technologies, with an award-winning creative team, and the power of compelling video content is in your hands.


So easy-to-use, video brochures are impossible not to watch. Featuring a high-res. LCD screen and the some of the same tech. Your cell phone has, video brochures are a fully programmable way to compel action.


Audio is like the yin to video’s yang. A truly compelling video takes carefully crafted audio powered by experienced engineers and musicians. We can’t describe in words what kick-ass audio sounds like but you’ll know it when you hear it. Our audio services include radio commercials, custom music for video and film, sound design and editing, voice-over casting and recording, and video and film dubbing (ADR).

Character Driven

Every brand’s got a story to tell. Our job is to help you tell it. There is no better medium than video that helps teach the world, where you came from, what you do, and why people should choose you. Popular genre styles we often create for our clients range from comedy to drama.

Branding & Lifestyle

Help consumers associate themselves with your brand. Let them see that your brand can be an extension and expression of who they are and what they stand for with a lifestyle video. This type of video will allow you to show your brand’s true colors by embodying the values, interests, attitudes, and past-times of a culture. This type of video is great for any brand with an artistic flair ready for commerce.

Visual Effects

When watching a video, the best visual effects (VFX) are often the ones you don’t notice. Let Potenza’s experienced team of visual effects artists create the impossible and show your brand in light you never thought possible.

VFX Capabilities

• CG Environments, Characters, and Animals
• Building Destruction; breakage of solid objects
• Create Smoke/Rain/Clouds/Dust/Tornadoes
• On-Set Practical Effects
• Particles Animation (flying birds; falling leaves, schools of fish, etc)
• Set Extensions
• Wire and Rig Removals
• Crowd Duplication


Often sales teams have very complex messages and products they need to explain in an elevator pitch to their prospective leads. Animation is the perfect tool to simplify those complex messages into something anyone can understand. Helping you Close the deal has never been simpler with animation. Sometimes, the mission is simpler, as it’s just a matter of creating something for you that pops out the screen to wow your audience. Once again the choice animation.


No one can resist a great deal! A very cost-effective solution, promotional videos work exceedingly well for any brand or business. In particular, this is a great option for retail clients who have a lot of inventory to move and not much time to move it. This includes automotive, consumer goods, and furniture. Potenza can help you create a strategy along with a promotional video that will incentivize your target audience to take action and help your brand gain more sales.

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