Effective By Design

In today’s cluttered, digital media-driven world, investing in beautiful and inspiring design products is paramount to the success of your brand. Beyond making your business look good, well thought out design communicates your message faster and more effectively.

Design Products & Services


Logo’s are the signature of your company and set the tone overall tone for your brand. Furthermore, research has shown that effective logos can have a significantly positive effect on customer commitment to a brand and even company performance. In essence, there is power behind having a great logo. Potenza will help you unleash that logo power.


Harness the power of print media to spread your message. Although in recent years, digital media has taken a large chunk of the pie, print media is still very much alive and kicking. There is no digital substitute for being able to look, touch, and feel a print media in your hands such as a kickass magazine. Investing in Brand Packaging works! Effective package design reinforces your brand’s value and can leave a lingering impact on the value of your product.


When you’re sitting in your vehicle at the traffic light, you have three choices. 1. Play on your phone 2. People-Watch at the people dancing in their car next to you 3. Examine powerful outdoor ads such as Potenza designed billboards built-to-grow brands.


Got a lot to say? Write a book. We’ll help you design it so others will actually want to read what you have to write.


Whether you want to spread awareness about your brand’s newest product offering or offer consumers a promotional offer they can’t confuse, digital design done properly by Potenza’s team of digital artists can really move the needle.


A great tool used to paint the picture of your products and service offering in a NON-two people with perfect  hair and smiles shaking hands in fancy suits sort of way.

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