Effective First-Page Placement on All Major Platforms Including Google, Bing, and Yahoo


Search Engine Marketing

Efficient and Consistent 1st page placement on the major search engines is the name of the game. Our sophisticated system is the best way for your dealership to get to the top during the moments that matter. Search engine marketing services include building, managing, and optimizing your ad campaigns.


Sit back and relax! Our experts will have your campaign up-and-running in no time.



Through experience, expertise, and continuous testing, we’ll make sure your ads are effective and you’re getting the right traffic at the right cost.


We track the right data that is most relevant to your business.


Our methodology makes sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.


We watch your campaign like a hawk and tweak daily to make sure you’re campaign is reaching it’s full potential.


We’ll make sure your campaign is tailored perfectly for your business.

Programmatic Inventory Ads

With the help of proprietary technology, implement ads that will dynamically change based on car shopper search behavior combined with your available real-time vehicle inventory. This will allow your dealership to implement stronger ads, reduce wasted ad spend, and hyper-target the right buyer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is one of the best ways to get found online. By combining years of experience with robust technology, Potenza will analyze your website and identify any areas it has reaching its targets. Our team will layout a comprehensive plan that includes:
Identify and Plan
Planning begins with a keyword analysis that identifies the best keywords for your brand within the markets you’re targeting.
Your custom keyword campaigns are structured for optimized high-impact performance.

Your organic keyword Campaign is Launched.
Using power intelligence technology, issues are identified and keyword campaigns are adapted to give your business the most first-page results possible.

Local Power Listing

Inconsistent business information (wrong location, phone number, web site, products and services) is quite common as businesses are often listed across 100’s of different platforms. Save time with Potenza’s Power Listing Services that will automate updating online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, and social networks.

Google Shopping

  • Show the right products to the right shoppers
  • Promote local inventory on Google
  • Convert Online-Shoppers into YOUR Customers

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