Acadian Contractors (Abbeville, LA)

Acadian Contractors was founded in 1973 as a fabrication & offshore service company. Acadian Contractors is strategically located at the midway point between the ports of New Orleans and Houston, at the crossroads of two major U.S. interstates, offering their customers direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. Acadian Contractors needed to automate many of their key business practices with a custom app called Etiquette.

“Etiquette” is a custom application developed as a solution for managing the increasing complexity of time and materials billing, rate schedules and payroll. Like many other construction companies, Acadian Contractors had previously relied upon a patchwork of Microsoft Access databases and shared Excel spreadsheets to create daily work “tickets”.

As a rapidly growing company, however, Acadian Contractors was struggling to keep up with the work involved in manually entering data and keeping multiple data sources in sync. The name “Etiquette” was originally inspired by the French word for “ticket,” but over time has taken on a double meaning. Etiquette has evolved into a system for billing “properly.”

Etiquette provides Acadian Contractors a single, air-tight system where all hours and materials are tracked and billed in a consistent manner, and cut-corners or “lost time” are prohibited. Put simply, no customer can be billed until all hours are accounted for. Therefore, Etiquette is more than a convenience. It is a system which maximizes profit and productivity by enforcing accountability at every level of the organization.

The president of Acadian Contractors, Glynn Hebert, stated simply: “Etiquette has allowed me the see reports in 24 hours which used to take me 3 months to get.”

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