Breast Cancer Specialists: Bra Day

BRA stands for Breast Reconstruction Awareness and it is an event with a mission to spread awareness about advanced breast reconstruction, procedures many patients in Lafayette were unfamiliar with before POTENZA hosted the first ever BRA Day.


Many patients in the process of their recovery seek to have their reconstruction operation outside of the state in places known for big hospitals and research facilities near the area like Texas without being aware that Lafayette has a center dedicated solely to breast reconstruction and a great record of other successful surgical procedures. The Breast Cancer Specialists of Louisiana aimed to increase awareness among patients and people affected by breast cancer and surgery by asking us to team up and create an event that would also act as a fundraiser for a charity affiliated with the hospital.

Potenza’s approach was to organize and coordinate an event that was both informative and exciting while also inspiring patients and their friends and family with the knowledge that they are supported and not alone. The informative aspect consisted of a segment of experts and survivor stories, BCS guests speakers and concluded with an inspirational lantern release activity where patients would pay tribute to loved ones lost, and symbolize hope and release of disease.


More than 200 people attended the event and in efforts to raise funds for local charities affiliated with the cause of the event, we hosted a silent auction which generated over $5000. The all-day event was held at The Grouse Room, and food and drinks were provided by iMonelli, a local fine-dining Italian restaurant. The event closed off with zydeco and soul sensation, Connie G. Which was the cherry on top of the success of the night.