Color Run Lafayette


The Color Run , now the single largest event series in the world, hosts more than 225 events in 35+ countries in 2015. With our help, the happiest 5k on the planet exceeded their runner registry goal in Shreveport and in Lafayette during their 2016 tour, Tropicolor.

With a PR campaign that translated to print, TV, and radio, we managed to transmit the vibrancy of the event, motivating runners, inviting newcomers to experience the thrill of running a 5k for fun and a good cause!


The Color Run 2016 exceeded the number of registrants from previous years by (20%), making it one of the biggest runs they have hosted in Lafayette.

The talks have been a major success in increasing the awareness of the book and inspiring young college grads and experienced entrepreneurs to consider their motivations when it comes to taking action in the pursuit of their dreams. The book’s distribution has extended throughout every major bookstore and online via the website and online bookstores.