Copeland’s MKT: Catering Menu Design

From market to any kitchen or table — Copeland’s MKT is a unique and casual dining experience, offering traditional New Orleans fare without hassle but all of the quality


Copeland’s of New Orleans, the famed restaurant chain, is known for its celebratory dining experience. With one of their locations having served the Lafayette area, Copeland’s had built a reputation as an upscale place for locals to impress guests or large parties. The service was always at its prime, however, a large demographic of young millennials called for a change in approach. The Copeland’s in Lafayette may have closed, but Copeland’s MKT intends to offer something new: quality, value, and convenience. All of these aspects are added to what Copeland’s promises to customers who no longer wish to wait for their traditionally inspired New Orleans dishes. The marketing campaign for Copeland’s MKT was intended to invoke the traditions and reputation of its older sibling while maintaining an exciting look that allows them to appear less intimidating to the casual diner. Emphasis is still on quality food, and so as to not be completely alienated from the celebratory reputation, familiar catering and Waitr options still exist.