The Art of Why Book Release & Speaking Tour 2016

POTENZA’s Founder and CEO, Frankie Russo, wrote a book that is more like an actual step-by-step guide for anyone to make their dreams a reality. He calls the motivation behind the dream, the WHY (purpose) and explains why it is absolutely necessary to act upon it to master it and achieve a life of happiness and satisfaction.


With the help of our creative team, we developed an eye-catching book cover and a website with downloadable exercises for readers to practice mastering their WHY (purpose). We also coordinated a schedule with a series of talks and workshops where Frankie would offer his personal experience living his WHY as a reference to those seeking to advance in their current situations to turn them into their dreams. Additional to that, we also put together a blog that shared stories of real people practicing the Art of WHY and offered more tips on how to apply your WHY in your daily life.


The talks have been a major success in increasing the awareness of the book and inspiring young college grads and experienced entrepreneurs to consider their motivations when it comes to taking action in the pursuit of their dreams. The book’s distribution has extended throughout every major bookstore and online via the website and online bookstores.