Tides Medical: Artacent Campaign

Tides Medical , is a leading medical technology manufacturer of amniotic membrane technology. Tides focus is on providing patients with safe, effective therapies, physicians with reliable products and service, and distributors and hospitals with reliable inventory and personalized attention.


A successful private labeler of amniotic tissue for years, Tides Medical recently built a state-of-the-art facility in order to begin manufacturing their own innovative line of double-layered amniotic tissue called Artacent. Our goal was to help Tides build an image for the new Artacent product-line that would help them launch smoothly and quickly cease market share in a fast-growing industry. Deliverables included the logo, packaging, eye-catching and informative business-to-business collateral for the medical tradeshow circuit. Additionally, we also helped Tides with designing a booth for the product launch.