Cirque Du Soliel: James Cameron’s Turok

Cirque Du Soleil revisited Lafayette as a part of the James Cameron inspired show, Toruk: The First Flight. When they approached us for help with their marketing in town and the surrounding areas, we decided to think “Inside Pandora’s Box” and bring a taste of the experience directly to people.


Additional to our online promo, we generated extensive media coverage and with a campaign that targeted news and radio stations, local publications and newspapers and blogs.

Springtime in Lafayette means regular outdoor events so we decided to add to the excitement by offering face-painting, so everyone could experience being an Avatar for a day. In a short amount of time, the excitement generated by the activity was a success. It inspired more and more people to participate while increasing the awareness of the show and generating press coverage in local newspapers, and local blogs. Additional to that, we developed an extensive campaign that targeted news and radio stations as well as local publications.


The show’s attendance soared and became one of the most memorable events held by the Montreal company in Lafayette.