Tate Automotive (Baltimore, MD)

An auto dealer group that had been around the block once or twice with competitors and had seen poor results until using Potenza’s search technology.

Tate Auto is a local dealer group that had been working with two local media competitors and placing a large sum of their marketing dollars with them. Our reps met with the local agency and showcased our email marketing vehicle and its ability to target in-market auto intenders. They went ahead with a test campaign. After nine months, we performed a match back, matching email addresses of people that bought a car against the email addresses of auto intenders that we deployed. The results found that we helped them sell 194 cars over nine months. The resounding success bested the competition and resulted in a 2016 annual and a willingness to hear about our other performance based assets. This led to Tate successfully implementing Dynamic Search, as well as mobile GEOFencing/GEORetargeting, targeting competitor dealerships, concerts and auto shows in the market.

Digital Product Mix

Dynamic Search