What Our Clients Have to Say

“Potenza exceeded my expectations. From the marketing team to the videographers, the experience was amazing. Being a newbie to the camera, the guys at Potenza really made me feel comfortable. The questions they asked to spark conversations for the video content were amazing. They really did their research to understand what questions to ask. From day one, I felt as though the team at Potenza genuinely wanted to understand my business and my business goals. Through that genuine approach, they were able to fully understand my business and produce a product that exceeded my expectations. My whole reason for producing a video was to help others understand what we do as an engineering firm. Engineering is something very broad and ambiguous. Engineering, in general, is hard to explain, so that makes it hard to sell. The video solved both problems of having to explain what we do, as well as selling what we do.
But Potenza was able to really help us at StoneWall define our offering and get the message out. It really is amazing how many people have seen and commented to me personally about the video. I put out a good bit of content on social media, but I get the most traction and comments when I share the video. I have used it multiple times and the result is amazing. I also use the video when prospecting for new customers. The video really allows me to show others who we are and what we are about. I use the video every day; it is currently my number one tool in my email marketing. Every one of my reply emails in my marketing platform has a call to action that points visitors to my video. I absolutely recommend Potenza to other businesses all the time. People ask me, “Who made your video?” I never hesitate to point them to Potenza!”
Blaine LaFleur

P.E., Stonewall Engineering

Louisiana Furniture Gallery

“They got it right. Our image needed work and now our sales have boosted through the roof. Strategizing and executing our entire campaign under one roof has been a game changer for our business.”

Simon Eid

Louisiana Furniture Gallery

Unitech Training Academy

“Our enrollment had double-digit growth this year, and it had a lot to do with the new image Potenza created for us!”

Samantha Cole

Unitech Training Academy

Mon Rêve Salon

“My overall experience working with Potenza was incredibly positive. From the start, the CEO took his time to meet with me and didn’t put me off with someone else; that was really nice, and a bit unprecedented. The level of service I received was exemplary. I wanted a logo with a modern vibe, but also included a tone of wellness. After the logo and print collateral was done, my Account Specialist met with me as often as I needed and explained everything perfectly clearly so that I felt very comfortable and prepared. I was surprised how helpful they were. They understood our goals and offered a service that specifically met those goals. The logo and print collateral have significantly improved our business because it has allowed us better visibility, prominence, and recognition. I would definitely recommend Potenza to other businesses.”

Nicole David

Owner, Mon Rêve Salon

Flange Cuff

“Potenza is the group of geniuses who put together the flange cuff video for us. As you saw, they do really great work. These are the guys to get it done!”

Clayton George

PE, Practical Engineering Solutions, Flange Cuff

Mario Manufacturing

“In my 31 years of dealing with service-oriented businesses I have found Potenza to be the most “can do” and easiest people to deal with top to bottom. I’ve had nothing but the best service from everyone.  They definitely pinpointed and clarified our strengths to the marketplace. I’m a Potenza Advocate!”

Rob Corzo

Mario Manufacturing