Email marketing: some think it’s dead, while others are raving about positive statistics that would make you think twice.

And they are 100% correct. Don’t believe me? Check out some of those numbers for yourself. For example, did you know that an email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter? People are constantly checking their inboxes for important updates, confirmations, and more. Since they are already checking their accounts, why not include your email into the mix?

But what happens when you keep sending emails over and over to the same people, and all you see is a rise in unopened emails, unsubscribed users, or the horrid bounced email? Don’t panic! Think about what you are actually sending and consider when you last updated your subscriber list. Some companies go years without adding a single address and believe that those 4,657 accounts are still opening their emails, interested in their product, and loving the content. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s where things get tricky.

In order to grow your contact list, consider these 5 quick fixes to gain email subscribers, all while keeping your current subscribers happy:

1. Calling all subscribers!

While customers are browsing through your site, give them the opportunity to subscribe to your email list. You know they are interested in your product, so why not continue to share the love with them via email? You want to make sure you are putting this “call to action” somewhere noticeable, either on the header or footer of your site. Another good option is to add an automated pop-up on your home screen that asks customers if they are interested in subscribing within seconds on being on your site.

2. Online purchase = new subscriber

Are you selling anything on your website and want to make sure they return to purchase again later? It’s easy to add a button that offers them a subscription to your emails or newsletters. Once you have their permission, you are set to email them new subscriber discounts and deals. Make sure that this button or check box is in an easy-to-locate spot on your website so they can’t miss it. Don’t forget to assure them that they will never receive any unwanted emails or spam in their beloved inbox.

3. Who doesn’t want a deal?

Getting back to what I mentioned above, people love to feel special and unique. By sending them an exclusive discount, they know they can receive it instantly and it will be the extra incentive they need to subscribe. A simple discount of 10% off can be just what you need to get the subscribers you are seeking!

4. Share on

People LOVE to share things! Use Facebook for example, people are constantly sharing funny content, delicious recipes, mega sales, heartwarming videos, and the list goes on and on…so why not do the same with an email they receive? By giving your customers the freedom to share, you are helping spread the word about your company. Make sure people are fully aware that the content is shareable. By using a larger print directly at the top of your email, people are sure to know that they can share away. The more emails that are forwarded, the faster your subscriber list will grow right before your eyes. And you know what that means, right? You just increased your chances of growing your sales. #congrats

5. Give the people what they want

In any industry, the customer is always right. ALWAYS. So why not listen to what they want? Customers are tired of receiving the “buy my product right now” emails. This only leads to the dreadful moment when they hit the unsubscribe button and just like that, you are out of their inbox. No one wants that to happen, but it could if your content is viewed as overwhelming or you continuously shove your product down their inbox’s throat. Rather than pitching the not-so- perfect product, generate content that your customers will value. It can pay off to include beneficial articles from third parties and personal expertise in your emails.

Happy subscribing and may the odds be ever in your favor!