The development of digital marketing has continuously changed the way brands and businesses use technology. The key objective of digital marketing is to promote your brand through various forms of digital media. An audience-led approach to digital marketing leads to guaranteed success. These 6 techniques will help you better engage your targeted audience through your digital platforms.
It’s all about the interactive content
Interactive content is a better way to educate, engage and entertain your
audience! This type of content requires your audience’s active participation.
Using interactive content creates an outlet to have a conversation with your
audience. Just remember: personalization is KEY.
Core examples of interactive content include polls or surveys, trivia games, calculators, assessments or brackets. These types of content are designed to stand alone or to layer into existing content. Other examples of interactive content for social media include Snapchat filters and lenses or uploading stories to Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram regularly.
Embrace new social media channels with open arms
There are always going to be new social media outlets. It’s important to always improve your brand awareness and reach. One
must know everything about the up-and-coming social media channels, including
how to use them and what audience is using them. This is an important part of
marketing to learn and take advantage of in order to be ahead of other
companies in your industry!
Create content for R E A L people
While algorithms have helped companies reach their targeted audiences in the
past, users are tired of feeling like they are being “figured out” through these
formulas, so to speak. Create and share content that you are proud to brand. You ultimately want your audience to show a genuine interest in your content to keep the following and have them share with their peers. To do this effectively, it is important to really understand your who your audience is and what they want.
Keep the live videos coming
Today, big brands have started using the live streaming aspect of many social
media platforms to reach their audience in a different way. This shows your
audience the “real people” behind your brand. Your audience will also feel like
they are part of the new product release or the Q&A because they
can truly engage. Facebook and Instagram are a great way to show your live
feed! You could also host a live video on your company website.
Yes, I know that people either love #hashtags or they find them extremely
annoying. However, they work! People actually search hashtags and use them to find exactly what they’re looking for on social media platforms. You should be using hashtags strategically on your social media posts to make sure that people can find them more easily and to help grow your followers. Warning: Don’t overkill it on the #’s though! It’s important to find the right balance for your brand and to use #relevant keywords.
Offer irresistible incentives
Offer your audience incentives for a variety of things: following your page, sharing a post, liking or commenting on a post, tagging a friend in a post, or participating in your survey or assessment. These incentives include doing some sort of giveaway, distributing a sale announcement, offering a personalized discount, or giving a free gift. You can offer incentives on social media, through email or on your website. By creating incentives, you are providing reasons for your audience to engage and participate in your content. *If you are running a contest on Facebook, make sure you are up-to-date with
their latest contest rules!
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– Molly Little, Summer Marketing Intern