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When you’ve got a great idea, you’ve got lightning in a bottle. However, that bottle of yours happens to be glued together with a rubber cement from last years science fair project. At Potenza, our job is to help you break that jar open and unleash the power of that lightning to the world. While a larger part of building an app takes the right technology and expertise, that is only the start to a successful tech venture. Our job it to help make your app successful by not only building your app, but branding and marketing your app once it’s striking the world.


Innovate and disrupt by creating a
user-aquisition super-engine!

Enterprise Biz

Custom automation and efficiency tools
to help your business grow!

Build Your App

No matter how custom or out-the-box, our team can help you create a powerful custom app that can be used in all the major mobile platforms and in a web browser.

Brand It

We can help you create the pieces you need to educate and sell your app including videos, logos, presentations, content marketing, and web sites.

Market & Scale

Once your app is built and branded, let us help you market it to your target audience, and watch it grow and eurish!

Case Studies

With Custom Apps & Software, the
Possibilities are Limitless!

Bio-metrics, Geo-location, cameras, augmented reality, 3D gaming, there are so many native technology possibilities that exist with mobile apps. What does this mean in English? A boat-load of potential game changing features your business can use to improve your offerings or start an innovative new venture.

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