Plaid Jackets, Gorilla Suits, King Crowns

Well, of course we wish we did. But unfortunately, we did not invert auto ad staples such as the giant blowup sales gorilla, nor the plaid jacket salesman, nor the king of savings guy sitting on the sidewalk with a big sign. However, we do have plenty of modern creative ideas, technology, products, and services that will help you get your brand amped as well as sell more vehicles.

Auto Products & Services


Because cars can’t speak for themselves and because car spokespeople are one of the best ways for car brands and dealers to become a reputable, authentic and memorable brand.



Dealership & OEM Branding

For the past several years, we’ve built an electric mix of character-driven, lifestyle campaigns for GMC and Buick. These campaigns have includes 85 year old hipsters, tough guys with even tougher jobs, to super-talented artists.

Incentives & Event Campaigns

From model year in savings events, to truck month, to custom events, Getting more leads and opportunities for your dealership is our main objective.

Print & Outdoor Media

Our in-house design team can help you create the most effective print media possible. Common products includes billboards, magazine layouts,

Signage, Banners & Collateral

Creating the right customer experience is key in the world of dealership branding. This includes in-store signs, point-of-purchase items, sponsorship banners

Auto Web Site

A truly effective auto online presence includes show casing your brand as well as integrating with CRMs, ad platforms, and inventory management systems. Let Potenza mix the power of creativity with proprietary automotive integration technology to make you a powerhouse web site.


No exaggeration, in the past few years alone, Potenza Creative has produced, filmed, and edited over 3,000 automotive ads all in-house. We’ve worked with all levels of the auto industry. From Tier 1 to Tier 3, Potenza can handle all your auto video needs.

So easy-to-use, video brochures are impossible not to watch, Featuring a high-res. LCD screen and the some of the same tech. Your cell phone has, video brochures are a fully programmable way to compel action. Showcase your best vehicles or even truly sell your customers on your dealership experience with state-of-the-art rechargeable, fully-customizable video brochures.

Ready to Unleash The Power?