Krispy Krunchy Chicken (Lafayette, LA)

Growing too fast is acutally a good problem to have, especially when you have technology to make the growing pains as seamless as possible.

Krispy Krunchy Chicken is a rapidly growing franchise which specializes in quick-serve fried chicken for retail locations. Krispy Krunchy currently has over 900 locations in 27 states. During a new location opening, Krispy Krunchy provides retail locations such as gas stations everything they need to get started, including signs, graphics, menus, friers and display cases. Therefore. the opening of a single location involves the coordination of numerous work orders. At the time we began working with Krispy Krunchy, the logistics of tracking and managing these work orders was becoming increasingly difficult as the franchise was growing in popularity.

Potenza Innovations developed a custom solution for quickly and easily managing graphics and equipment jobs, with multiple user logins for administrators, office staff, sales people and vendors.

Using multiple filtering and grouping options, sales staff can see at a glance which jobs are pending and which have been shipped. Tracking and purchase order numbers are stored with each job for cross referencing purposes.

“We at Krispy Krunchy foods, are very happy with the project tracker that Potenza Innovations developed for us. This is a custom program that was developed so that we may track the equipment and the graphics that were ordered for each store as we open it. In 2013 we opened 521 locations. Without this tracker it would have been very difficult for us to figure out where the equipment and graphics were for each location.”

Dan Shapiro, Executive Vice President, Krispy Krunchy Foods, LLC

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