Air Lynx: Logo Design

Potenza Creative designed the branding and packaging for Air Lynx, a new portable state-of-the-art air gauge and air pump designed in Lafayette, La.


When Air Lynx asked our team to help them develop a brand for their new product, they expressed that their target audience was an upscale demographic, so their design had to not only appeal to the higher bracket but also appeal to anyone interested in luxury. The challenge? Not only selling a completely new brand — an air gauge.

We knew this air gauge was unique and we believed in the product enough to know that we wanted to not only design their brand but develop further into their packaging design. After careful studies and development of concepts, we landed on a sleek, simple and approachable logo that served as an efficient identity system that could transfer to multiple mediums.

The concept was simple, to make a memorable brand that noticeably informed Louisiana’s connection with a new research and treatment facility specializing in breast cancer.