I10: Logo Design

Potenza Creative designed a new brand for i10, a premium iPhone accessories manufacturer and worldwide distributor based in Lafayette, La.


They started out local, working in a small room and later expanding into 2 stores in Lafayette to an International accessories company. To help bring their name from a local area to the international spotlight, they launched a Kickstarter that not only successfully reached its funding, but later became one of Kickstarter’s top funded charging cables of all time.

We knew they needed an identity that was both memorable and approachable internationally while retaining a sense of connection to their origins. We knew that it would be a tricky challenge, but as creatives we can’t resist a good innovative challenge.

The result? A logo that exudes the iconic I-10 road sign with a more “tech” feel as it also displays the universal “power” icon, connecting their home base with their universal business.