Copeland’s MKT: Logo Design

The new logo design for Copeland’s MKT is clean and concise. The original Copeland’s logo features an ornate and flowery design. Opting for a new and tamer appearance, Copeland’s logo now has a more simple typeface. MKT’s “T” is topped off with the silhouette of a pan so as to emphasize the ability for customers to shop and cook the same foods that Copeland’s offers. Because Copeland’s MKT offers some of its products within the store, the anagram placed below the name also holds meaning. MKT stands for market, kitchen, and table. The implication is that the customer will find that Copeland’s high-quality ingredients can be theirs and that any table is available for them to enjoy a New Orleans meal, not just the heavily waited ones of a Copeland’s restaurant.