After announcing the acquisition of Information archiTech as a part of their expansion into the technology industry in August 2015, POTENZA has shown phenomenal growth. As a result, the POTENZA Family of Companies now includes POTENZA INNOVATIONS, a new software development division.
Just last week, POTENZA INNOVATIONS announced the release of their latest state-of-the-art software, a marketing automation and intelligence platform called ReturnFlight™.
POTENZA’s founder and CEO, Frankie Russo says, “ReturnFlight™ is a marketing automation and intelligence platform built to close the loop for marketing specialists by making it possible to calculate ROI [return on investment] with true attribution all in one application.
ReturnFlight™ is a suite of ad technologies that include FlightNav™, a marketing intelligence dashboard, CallTrack™, an interactive call tracking technology, and an ad technology for dynamic search engine advertising called AutoPilot™.
Russo explains, “Our newest enhancement includes a unique product for automotive dealers called AutoPilot™. AutoPilot™ connects numerous inventory feeds with digital advertising API’s to accelerate SEM [Search engine advertising] for clients with large, frequently changing inventory. AutoPilot™ not only automates the management of dealer’s SEM campaigns, it also uses artificial intelligence to create 100s of highly relevant search ads, which in turn drives lead conversions through the roof.”
POTENZA is pleased to unveil the new software, and is confident that it will be an asset to the Marketing, Advertising and Technology fields for years to come.
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