Rope Soap & Doap (Broussard, LA)

More than an app…a new way of managing inventory for this oilfield retailer.

Rope, Soap `N Dope has long been a respected retailer to the oilfield industry, “Rope, soap `n dope” is an expression that dates back to the early days of the oilfield industry. It refers to all auxiliary materials required to keep the rigs in operation. This includes, but is not limited to, “rope” used to hoist materials up the derricks, “soap” used to clean tools and other surfaces, and grease and other fluids (“dope”) that keep tools lubricated and operational. It’s large blue warehouse with the enormous white lettering “Rope, Soap `N Dope” a familiar fixture along Broussard’s oil corridor. For years, RS&D set itself apart from the competition by offering intense customer service, a comprehensive selection and competitive pricing. When Charlie Snodgrass decided it was time to extend his company’s services online, therefore, he was determined that his online shoppers would have the same level of quality, service and convenience they had come to expect from visiting the physical location.

Shortly after the successful launch of their fully automated E-Commerce Web site, the guys at Rope, Soap `N Dope wasted no time in pushing the envelope even further:

What if we gave our customers the ability to log onto their accounts using their mobile phones, and re-order supplies using a built-in barcode scanner?

Needless to say we jumped at the challenge. Four months later we were able to proudly announce the exclusive “SmartStock – Rope, Soap `N Dope” mobile app, currently available in the App Store.

Along with the mobile app, we have implemented the “SmartStock” logo throughout the Rope, Soap `N Dope Web site. Customers are able to click on this logo on product detail pages, as well as within the “My Items” section of the Web site, to generate a PDF containing pre-sized stock labels containing unique barcodes. Customers can place these stickers in their store rooms and workshops.

Whenever they see they are running low on a particular item, they simply take a few minutes to open the app, scan the barcode, and complete their order. Within a day or two the Rope, Soap `N Dope truck arrives at their doorstep to deliver the product.

No credit cards are required to complete purchase. As with the Web site, the mobile app is synchronized with the customer account and all orders placed are automatically applied to their account. Also as with the Web site, the inventory levels are live and MSDS sheets right at their fingertips.

We have released a number of updates to the app since its initial launch, continuing to implement value-added features. The best example of this is the new My Analytics feature, which gives business owners and purchasing managers the opportunity to run detailed, interactive reports on their purchasing history. This took can be used to better assist them in making purchasing decisions.

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